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This is just another post.
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  1. The gadget

  2. Reader

  3. Charger

  4. USB adapter


The Arthurian said...

oh i like your post graphics -- each post looks like a Windows window. Original & nifty.

Was looking for info on printing my blog posts... found your reply to embeddedprogrammer at

Looks good, but I have not figured out how to "do a print preview" yet!

The Arthurian said...

OH it's right there on the menu in Firefox: Print Preview.

How long did it take me to figure THAT out???

Thanks for the help with this.

Tom said...

The post graphics was a test based on a question someone asked in the old Blogger Help Group.

The question was can you make each post appear in a "Windows" window. I didn't optimize the layout, just put enough in to show it is possible to do just about anything.

tomed said...

This is the test <a href="http://spare-t4-test.blogspot.c

tomed said...

This is the test \<a href="http://spare-t4-test.blogspot.